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Three key reasons for women to own their own homes

Remember the old saying, a woman’s place is in the home? Well this Women’s Month, WeApply, a new home loan team on the block are saying goodbye to these stereotypes and hello to a world where women continue to break the rules!

One of the many ways women are breaking through the glass ceiling is in the home ownership game, moving from simply being in the home, to actually having their names on the title deed. In fact, more single women are owning their own property than single men – 1.5 million more women have their own piece of property than men.

According to House Beautiful, a 2018 report by Bank of America found that 73 percent of women value home ownership above getting married and having children, compared with 65 percent of men.

So much for the Prince Charming on his white horse whisking women off to his palace.

Now women are taking property matters into their own hands and WeApply is making it even easier for women around SA to step into this new dawn of home ownership. Our technology, expert team and dedication to what our clients need is what gets them the right home loan deal.


From what we’ve seen, women are selective about where the property is situated, what type of return on investment they will get and most importantly what can be done with the property from an aesthetic point of view to add comfort and create value.

Home ownership makes sense in the long run and here are 3 reasons as to why this is so:

1. Owning a property is an investment into an asset


While you may have taken out a rather large home loan in order to purchase the house, you are essentially putting that money back into the property and will probably sell it for more than you bought it for. It is important to realise though that you may need to start small, and work your way up to the house you’ve always wanted.

2. Property ownership helps develop sound financial management

The strength of many wealthy people is their ability to budget and save their money. Owning a house means you’re forced to make monthly payments, but you also know that these will go to you in the long run. So, when it comes to drawing up the budget, make sure that the home loan is one of the top priorities.


3. Eventually the good will outweigh the bad

Initially the capital outlay for a house may seem excessive, however as the years go by, the loan balance will decrease and the appreciation in value will increase.

And as more women in SA turn to their sights to property ownership, WeApply is excited to journey with them every step of the way, not just in August, but every month, making it easier for them to get the property they have always wanted.


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