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Let’s share the good news, and help the WeApply family grow. You probably won’t have time to read all the news, because while WeApply, YOU DO YOU! and can focus on the things that you would rather be spending your precious time on! That’s cool with us.


Our latest articles

Three key reasons for women to own their own homes

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Remember the old saying, a woman’s place is in the home? Well this Women’s Month, WeApply, a new home loan team on the block are saying goodbye to these stereotypes and hello to a world where women continue to break the rules!

Saving Your Time and Your Life – Reasons Why Clients Should Pre-Qualify

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One of the most common myths when buying a home is that you should find a home before getting pre-qualified for a loan. Before COVID-19, Estate Agents could show a home or several homes to a buyer whether pre-qualified or not. With the implementation of social distancing and the health and safety risks associated as a result of the global pandemic, it is no longer viable to show homes to clients that are not pre-qualified.

Reducing the Need for Human Contact in the Low Touch Economy – Business case for Online Home Loan Applications


They are known as Black Swan Events – economic recessions and pandemics, that literally change the trajectory of governments, economies, and businesses, altering the very course of history. The Black Death (bubonic plague) in the 1300s broke the long-ingrained feudal system in Europe and replaced it with the more modern employment contract. A mere three centuries later, a deep economic recession ensued, thanks to the 100-year war between England and France, which kick-started a major innovation drive that radically improved agricultural productivity.

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